3 Rookie Mistakes on Zoom and How to Avoid Them



3 Rookie Mistakes on Zoom and How to Avoid Them

As we take stock of 2020, we’ll probably realise that a) we’ve done a lot of Zoom calls and b) we’ve heard the same phrases like ‘can you see my screen?’ one too many times. Here are 3 of our common Zoom grouses as well as tips on how to work around them for smoother, more meaningful remote meetings.

1. “Hope you’ve been keeping safe/sane.”

Try starting your conversations with more specific questions like “How have you been feeling?” or “What have you been doing to keep sane?”. This small tweak will encourage a genuine response from the person you’re speaking with – great for building rapport!

2. “Can you see my screen?”

We hear it in every Zoom call, but here’s one way you can avoid this. If you’re chairing a meeting, try having your slides or shared material on screen before your participants join in. This will avoid the awkward silences while you get your content ready and make for a much smoother meeting experience. If you’re hosting but not presenting, make sure to allow multiple screen sharing access beforehand so that whoever needs to share screen can do so seamlessly.

3. “You’re on mute”

We’ve all been guilty of this one. A simple hack for this is making use of the ‘temporarily unmute’ feature on Zoom. By having this setting turned on, you’ll be able to press and hold the space bar when you’re talking and release it when you’re not so that you’re automatically muted again. Having the physical cue of pressing a button to speak is a much easier way to help you know when you’re muted and when you’re not.