3 Ways for Marketers to Prepare for Another Lockdown



3 Ways for Marketers to Prepare for Another Lockdown

With COVID-19 case numbers on the rise in Malaysia, it begs the question of whether advertising agencies or brand consultancies are prepared for another lockdown or MCO.

While we hope this won’t happen, given the massive hit to businesses when weren’t able to meet with our clients or prospects face to face, it’s best to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Here are three ways to prepare your agency for another lockdown.

1. Productise your offering

In times of economic uncertainty, one of the first places for clients to cut their budgets is marketing. Often, this is when you’ll find clients turning to their in-house capabilities. But rather than fight it, why not value-add to their exercise.

You can give your clients or prospects a more cost-effective option by templatising some of your methodologies/practices and packaging them as practical resources to be sold.

Your clients will be empowered to do the work themselves at more palatable price point. And for your agency, if an e-commerce architecture is put in place, this can be a good source of passive income to keep transactions running even if we aren’t able to meet clients face to face.

2. Double down on content

Agencies spend a lot of their creative resources producing great work for clients. Why not start channeling that into creating your own engaging content? For your teams this can be a good morale booster in uncertain times as it gives them the freedom to create unhindered by your clients’ strict compliance or legal teams. For your agency, it means you’re able to take a more consumer-facing approach by producing relevant content that the masses will engage in. This can be a great way to expand your audience base and eventually monetise your content through sponsorships.

3. Practice over-communication

We’re all reading the news, so it’s important to address the looming “what ifs” among your teams by keeping communication open.

As a leader, this means being transparent with any of the plans or contingencies for lockdown. Even if you are still planning with the management, letting your team know that you are in the midst of planning or even admitting to things that are still uncertain will provide some assurances and demonstrate authenticity – the very thing that we as marketers always advocate to our clients.

It’s better to hear something than nothing at all in times of uncertainty.