5 Ways to Up Your Online Networking Game



5 Ways to Up Your Online Networking Game

It’s World Online Networking Day today! With the world rapidly migrating their business interactions online, virtual networking skills have become more crucial than ever in this pandemic.

You either get it right and open doors for tremendous company growth, or you can get it horribly wrong.

Don’t sweat it! Here are some tips get your online networking game on like a pro:

1) Give before you ask

Drop a unique email, comment or DM that demonstrates that you’ve actually processed what the person/organisation has said and is doing. They probably receive hundreds of generic messages, so make yours count by adding value to their content. Show that you’ve personally processed their work or content, validate it using some of your own insights and then give out ideas of your own to build on what they’re doing. People can smell if you’re just looking for a lead or to leverage on their position – it’s a turn-off. So always add value first. The trust that you gain from here will be key in building meaninful collaborations in the future.

2) Do your homework

Do your research on them. What do you have in common? Adding a personal context in your approach elevates trust – don’t pop out of nowhere. Keep your introductions short! Start engaging them and their content by leaving meaningful comments and feedback, share or mention them. Show that you’re truly interested.

3) Connect regardless of title, or industry

You never know who they know and what they can offer. If not now, then in future.

4) Always show your face on virtual meets

Reading body language is key in building meaningful relationships. And since the physical connection is already lost in the age of virtual calls, the least we can do is turn on our cameras and show our faces.

5) Follow up regularly and keep in touch

Otherwise it’ll seem like you’re only collecting cards for when you need them.