Learning with YouTube



Learning with YouTube

Has 2020 changed your viewing habits on YouTube? Here are some of the top categories of video content we’ve been consuming globally.

Homeschooling Hacks

With intermittent school closures worldwide, parents have turned to YouTube to help them facilitate a better homeschooling experience for their kids. In fact, videos with “homeschool” in the title saw an increase of over 120% of average daily views globally. Doubling down on this, YouTube introduced the Learning Destination feature to provide high-quality educational content.

Replicating the essentials and non-essentials at home

At the height of the global lockdowns where hairdressers and nail salons were shut, many turned to YouTube to learn how to cut their own hair, do their own meals or even make their own bubble tea! In fact, this sort of DIY content saw an increase of about 45%.

Better productivity at home

Videos on productivity or with “home office” in the title have skyrocketed with a 210% increase in average daily views. And it’s no surprise as more than half of the organisations around the world (88% to be exact) have implemented various degrees of remote work.


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