Get Festive with Marketing this Christmas



Get Festive with Marketing this Christmas

Christmas is our favourite time of the year for gifting and sharing with our loved ones. And there’s no denying that it’s also our favourite time to shop and spend!

From wholesomeness to happiness, the holiday season is an opportunity for marketers to take advantage of the emotionality generated among consumers to gain new customers or strengthen the relationship with the current ones. Here are 3 ways you can also appeal to your customer’s emotions with your marketing strategy this Christmas:

1. Holiday-spirit storytelling

As always, focusing on storytelling rather than selling is vital, even during this festive season. Brands often focus on the themes of sharing, togetherness, and community – a fail-proof method to get us into the holiday and gift-shopping mood.

2. Bring back the nostalgia

People enjoy reminiscing about the “good ol’ days”, which can be more appealing when it comes to festive traditions and staples. Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to leverage on attention-grabbing holiday-themed visuals, classic music tunes and jingles, and sentimental family traditions – thus digging deep into the sense of seasonal nostalgia.

3. The season of sales and promotions

With people willing to spend more money during this period, brands should be willing to slash their prices and offer promotions for the time being to attract customers and drive up sales. Communicate a sense of urgency and FOMO with terms such as “for 24 hours only,” “limited stock,” and “ends tonight!” to get your customers to act fast in making their decision to buy a product.

In the meantime, happy holidays from Team COMMUNICATE!