Do or do not. There is no try.


Sometimes we spend far too much time planning. It turns out that over planning leads to a serious lack of execution. And that I confess is the real reason why this website took the length of time it did to get published.

We spent so much time on the being – wire-framing, naming, content planning, deciding on how many features we were going to publish, what topics and philosophical angles would befit us, who would be responsible than the actual doing.

At this point, you’re probably wondering “what kind of creative agency can’t even put up their own website?” 

To be fair and in our defence, we discovered we’re not the only ones. Our clients have similar difficulty creating their own content and, on this occasion so did we. 

As a busy start-up, devoted to our clients work, we thought it would make sense to hire a web designer with fresh perspective to take on the task. We briefed the team on our intended concept. We explained the COMMUNICATE philosophy, talked about who we are and what we stand for and left our voice in their very capable hands. What came back were lots of ideas that sometimes missed the point and often contradicted our core beliefs. We believe in adding genuine value, not just making a noise – there’s far too much of that in the industry already.

That was almost a year ago and my, how we have learnt from this process. 

We discovered that to develop something compelling, we just needed to be transparent and authentic. And, to put a bit of soul into the content. We thus established a much leaner approach. Agreed on the direction, then assign a team member who was prepared to step up and focus on the doing. 

Brutal transparency and authenticity may not always be the best way to win friends and influence people, but it will maintain credibility and integrity – qualities that we truly value. We were genuinely concerned about what people would think of us, especially our clients and future clients. But in this world full of armchair critics and political correctness, we know we didn’t want to just follow the crowd. 

And that was when we realised the aim of our website. The aim is not to hard sell COMMUNICATE and how creative or innovative we are. Our work will (should) speak for itself. It’s not even to drive traffic to our website in the hope of generating leads (although that would be nice). The aim is to share our collective observations to catalyse transformation, hands-on experiences to encourage learning, educate on the way the creative industry works and demystify processes in order to help people make better decisions, get better results, receive greater value and be in control of their brand communication.

So here it is, 6 rough-and-ready points of what we’ve learned about getting a website up. 

  1. Don’t over plan! When things happen organically, themes will naturally appear (like this list on how to put together a compelling website!)
  2. Put up content you are familiar with, can express with conviction, factually rationalise, engaging and care about. 
  3. Ideas are easy but implementation is hard, so put real time into the latter.
  4. Keep content visitor friendly – don’t alienate people with technical language and bullshit!
  5. Be authentic and transparent because this is where you’ll find originality.
  6. Have fun doing it! 

Keep an eye out for what we will be publishing on COMMUNICATE LIVE! Getting this page up is another challenge and a story by itself altogether. There, we will be making snappy announcements, expressing our thoughts from the design and digital landscape to inspire and amuse … shared with a bit of soul in our inimitable storytelling style by the colourful individuals at COMMUNICATE.