Engage Thoughtfully



Engage Thoughtfully

Racism in America. Sexism in the workplace. Many of these topics have been branded as sensitive for brands to engage with – what more if it’s a political issue and you’re a large organisation with a strict compliance team to appease? Understandably, many brands will think it’s safer to remain silent for fear of upsetting shareholders or even customers.

But in these ‘woke’ times we live in, does our silence translate to indifference? A perception of indifference on an issue is equally – if not more dangerous – to a company’s bottom line especially when discerning consumers are beginning to look less what what you offer, but what you stand for.

The solution should never be silence. Rather, thoughtful engagement – first by educating yourself on the topic at hand, then opening up a dialogue in your communications efforts, and finally, being ready to apologise sincerely and graciously in the event of backlash.