From Protection to Fashion: Face Masks as a Fashion Statement



From Protection to Fashion: Face Masks as a Fashion Statement

Many fashion trends that have come about were once rooted in utility. For example, jeans were made as durable workwear for miners and two-piece swimsuits came about as a result of fabric rationing enforced by the US government.

And now, we’re seeing a similar evolution in face masks as fashion brands have quickly hopped on the bandwagon to design and produce face masks that would befit even the most sartorialy inclined! According to Edited, the digital retail tracking service, there has been an almost 40% increase in the number of masks offered by companies in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the end of 2019. Face masks are a necessity in the fight against COVID-19. And considering we’ll be spending most of our time having our mugs covered, why not do it in style?

While some brands may simply be hopping on the trend to make sales, others (particularly smaller local businesses) are more genuinely keen on helping their communities. It’s important to distinguish the two to ensure compliance with the World Health Organisation’s regulations and to avoid turning PPE wear into a mere fashion commodity. With the growth in production of face masks by fashion brands and many implementing the “buy one, donate one” policy, face masks have become more accessible to the public. Fashion brands are also taking responsibility in the green agenda by repurposing left-over materials in an attempt to reduce waste and up-cycle.