Global Pandemic and Cuti-Cuti Malaysia: The Great Staycation



Global Pandemic and Cuti-Cuti Malaysia: The Great Staycation

There was a time before the COVID-19 outbreak where given the choice (and resources), Malaysians would opt to holiday internationally rather than on home soil. In hopes of boosting domestic travel among Malaysians, the Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign was in the works. However, this came to an aburpt halt due to COVID-19.

That said, the silver lining in all of this for tourism is the boom in domestic travel or staycationing as restrictions were gradually liftted. And with the government’s recent announcement that the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) in Malaysia will be extended until 31 December 2020, we’re geared to see even more growth in terms of domestic travel.

So as Malaysians continue to revisit old tourist attractions or discover (and share) new gems along the way, the hope is that more attention can be brought to Malaysia – pegging it as a ‘must-visit’ for international tourists once borders are re-opened and the world returns to some degree of normalcy!