How Can 5G Serve Your Business?



How Can 5G Serve Your Business?

Conspiracy theories aside, 5G is touted to be a game changer for businesses around the world superseding 4G technologies with new products, services and even new industries. With 10 times higher speeds and higher reliability than what 4G can provide today, 5G is capable of supporting billions of connected devices at the same time that can fully enhance and unlock augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), telemedicine, automated cars and connecting buildings in smart cities.

The Malaysian Government was quick to introduce the National Digital Network (Jendela), a digital infrastructure plan to follow the gradual transitioning of the nation towards 5G technology. Some of the benefits promised to businesses are lower overhead costs as businesses shift from hardware to software based networks, increased productivity, instant and reliable connection, and a catapult for mobiles to become a technology for general purposes.

Although it was slated for completion in 2022, preparation is key for businesses to deliver the best product or service possible with the help of 5G networks. This means identifying key areas for investment, appointing a 5G expert to spearhead your strategy, and moving existing physical infrastructures into a virtual network to accommodate 5G in the future.