How to Tell Your Company’s Sustainability Story



How to Tell Your Company’s Sustainability Story

Are you thinking about kick-starting a sustainability initiative or programme? Maybe you’ve already been at it for years but are looking for effective ways to get your story out there. Here are 3 ways to help you storytell these efforts more effectively

1. Focus on real results

Lofty visions are given substance when backed by real impact (and data!). Patagonia does this well with their fact-filled videos highlighting how every step of their value chain yields real positive environmental and societal outcomes.

2. Open up conversations

Showcasing your efforts alone can sometimes come across as disingenuous. Open up conversations with likeminded companies or activists through podcasts, videos or editorial content. This can help foster greater collaboration towards a common cause and expose your efforts to new audiences.

3. Walk the talk internally

Authenticity is key. Co-create sustainable programs with your employees to get them involved in your brand’s sustainability goals. Patagonia empowers their employees through their Employee Internship Programme which allows employees 2 months off to volunteer full-time at an environmental nonprofit of their choice, with continued salaries and benefits!