Story of Exploration

DIALOG Group Berhad is a Malaysian company that has made its mark globally as an oil and gas service provider. Their rapid expansion as a business has pointed to one thing – a relentless spirit of exploration. This was a story that needed telling. And so, we were tasked to develop and produce a corporate video. The challenge? To make this piece double as a recruitment video.

Taking the challenge in our stride, we set out to tell the company’s story of exploration through the lens of their people. By unearthing their unfiltered and unscripted stories, we were able to not only tell the company’s story, but relate to prospects who may be thinking of joining DIALOG in their pursuits.

The process began with unearthing a core message for the brand to own. And considering the company’s rapid growth, one thing was clear – a spirit of exploration driving each of their pursuits. So to inject a recruitment component to the video, we figured: who better to tell the company’s story than the very people behind all the work that goes on? To do this, we took an unorthodox approach to telling a corporate story through unscripted stories of selected members of staff across different units and levels of seniority.

What resulted was an unorthodox corporate video that is less top-down, chest-thumping and more authentic storytelling – a tale of relentless exploration told through the lens of the company’s very backbone – it’s people.