Who said B2B communications had to be boring?

In 2017, KLK Oleo spoke to us to develop and produce a video to push their latest in-house product, DavosLife E3 – a tocotrienol supplement. Toco what? Basically, this was vitamin E, but better.

To make the hard science stick, we told a story.

There’s a whole load of science behind why their product trumps the rest in the market. But we wanted to make sure that this would also make sense to the average joe on the street. We did this by telling a story of two protagonists, each showing life before and after taking the supplement. This narrative was then interspersed with infographics on the science behind why DavosLife E3 tocotrienol supplements trumped any other vitamin E in the market.

But we didn’t want to stop at B2B.

To bring the most value to KLK Oleo, we figured – why stop at addressing retailers and manufacturers? With that, we sought to make this a B2B video that would also bring value and education to the average Joe – their potential consumers of the product.

To do this, we presented the overall video through a quirky animation with a colour palette and design style that was relevant. In addition, attention was given to the copy and supers to make even the hard science easy to grasp.