Manulife MRT Campaign 2020

How we conceived and produced 3 MRT visual installations in just 4 weeks.

What happens when you have to conceptualise and produce a branded takeover of 3 MRT stations in only 4 weeks? A lot happens. A lot of planning. A lot of late nights (although this is not unusual). But most of all, a lot of collaboration with the client. This is how we rolled up our sleeves together with our friends at Manulife to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

The Brief

Manulife wanted to roll out their new brand activator of ‘every day better’. To kick off in a big way, they invited us to work hand-in-hand to conceptualise, write, design and produce a branded take-over for 3 MRT stations. The challenge? To do it all in only 4 weeks!

Our Approach

Collaboration (no waiting for instructions)

With little time to lose, the usual agency-client model had no chance of winning. Too many approvals processes would take far too much time. So, what did we do? We worked closely with Manulife with frequent check-ins to ensure that there was a quality exchange of ideas and immediate feedback.

Having robust discussions from the onset meant that in a single (but long) session, both agency and client were already aligned on the direction, messaging and design system to be applied.

Creating with confidence.

From here, we were able to move very quickly into executing the design for both their brand and product assets. Knowing that the direction was already pre-agreed, we were able to craft contextualised ads for 57 spaces in a matter of days with designs – all with zero hesitation, knowing that we were aligned with the client.

By constantly involving the client in the process, we were able to hit the nail on the head quicker with Manulife’s C-suite, so that we could go straight into production.

Lightning-speed production.

Having gotten strategic alignment and creative approval within weeks 1 and 2 alone, we were left with only 2 weeks to turn all our visuals into Finished Artworks, ready for the printers. While the traditional agency practice would be to send the visuals to another team (or even a different vendor), our creative team did what we do best – going end-to-end, handling the Finished Artworks (FA) as well.

With the FAs in the bag (after much scrutiny) off they went to the printers and within a week, everything was not only printed but installed – giving new life to the 3 MRT stations.

So if you’re ever at the Manulife Semantan, TTDI, or Kajang MRT stations, you’ll now have a little back story to go with it!


Promoted the brand’s
products to over

200K commuters


3 stations

Conceived and produced in just

4 weeks