Breathing Relevance into a Hundred-Year-Old Printing Giant

Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB) has served as Malaysia’s national printer for literally over a century with its origins as the Government Printing Office in 1888. With their immense wealth of experience, they’ve since evolved and have privatized to offer digital solutions such as item tracking solutions, cloud-based solutions and security printing through their many subsidiaries, grounded on their legacy of experience.

The problem?

Despite their ventures into tech-based solutions, they were still perceived by prospects as a government-owned company that only offers general printing. And with that, the brief to us was to develop and produce give them new marketing materials that would present them as a company that innovates in both the general printing and non-printing landscape. One of these was a corporate video.

A corporate video to tell their innovation and evolution story.

The corporate video anchored on the idea of innovation. We developed the narrative of the video to address 4 key things:

  1. Introduce a singular theme “Innovation both on the page. And off it”. This would immediately position PNMB as a company that does far more than General Printing alone.
  2. Establish PNMB’s legacy – not as something to look back on, but as a foundation for the future.
  3. Inject relevance to viewers. We did this by showcasing not merely a list of services, but storytell the benefits all the way down to the end consumer.
  4. Celebrate the PNMB team that make it all happen. We did this by showcasing actual PNMB staff in the video.