#Womensupportingwomen Challenge



#Womensupportingwomen Challenge

Is the recent thread of black and white selfies posted by women really about #womensupportingwomen? Trending social media movements are a great and easy way to spread awareness, but it is just as easy for the message behind these movements to get diluted along the way on social media. A recent post by Instagram user @beelzeboobz which went viral explains the orgins of the movement to be more than just a women empowerment initiative, but to shine light on Turkey’s alleged interest to pull out of a treaty preventing violence against women.

So, before choosing to participate in the next global social media movement, be sure to do the following:

1. Research! Get to grips with the real issue at hand.

2. Share with context – make sure your messaging points to the actual cause.

3. Follow through with action – share your post, but follow through with practical support or action towards the cause.