Yes, We Will Still Need to Wear Face Masks



Yes, We Will Still Need to Wear Face Masks

It’s likely that we’ll see a vaccine for COVID-19 circulating in the market next year. Pfizer, Moderna, the University of Oxford, and the other candidates being produced in China and Russia are all racing to become the first to have their vaccines certified as the COVID-19 vaccine.

This news is a breath of fresh air for most of us in this tough pandemic year. However, as we fantasise about returning to normalcy, it’s still too early for us to be celebrating what could be the beginning to the end of a pandemic. Both vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna show a promising 95% efficacy rate in reducing the symptoms of those who are vaccinated but there’s no guarantee that it can protect people from getting infected. This means that SOPs such as wearing masks and staying a respectful distance apart on a regular basis will still need to be adhered to.

In addition, it’ll also take time for a vaccine to be certified for mass production and distribution, particularly for countries like Malaysia that lack the capacity of producing vaccines ourselves. Priority will also be given to the highest-risk groups like healthcare workers and other frontliners. So in the meantime, let’s continue to remain patient, be vigilant, and stay safe!